About Us


Lunchbreak Opera is an opera company based at St Botolph's, Bishopsgate. Our mission is to persuade those who work in the area to take a proper lunch break, and a few times a year to spend it nourishing their artistic imagination.

We all know that cutting out down-time at work sees a reduction in productivity and creativity, yet more people than ever cram couscous over their keyboard instead of taking substantial mental rest and renewal. Furthermore, the development of music therapy over the last 20 years can now demonstrate how engagement in musical activity can contribute to overall mental wellbeing, and that doing it together in a team is a highly effective way of bonding and developing trust.


We offer two musical a services. First, we stage productions twice a year at St Botolph's, Bishopsgate. These are free to attend, accessibly presented in English and most importantly, short! We've designed our shows to fit into the working day, with lunchtime and rush hour performances.

Second, we offer recitals and performance workshops to offices in the Bishopsgate area. Singers and a pianist are available to entertain and delight a workforce with their operatic party pieces, or to hold a workshop with singing and movement. We're happy to come into offices or to host in St Botolph's Hall.


We formed in the Summer of 2017 and since then have staged 4 productions with over 50 performances and audiences of 2000 in total. We launched with an ambitious 2019/20 season and are looking to form relationships with the surrounding businesses to broaden our reach as much as possible. We also welcome CSR partners to support our artistic vision to present opera in an accessible way to new audiences whilst providing work for young artists and creatives.